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I know El Cerrito

I love El Cerrito

And I want to represent YOU on our City Council!


My Priorities 


As of August 1, 2020, the projected revenue for the City of El Cerrito for FY 2020-21 is $38.6MM and the projected expenditures are $39.3MM, with a shortfall of $1.49MM.  The City Council is currently working towards reducing expenses a further $1.5MM to close the budget gap., and they have already implemented as many short term fixes as possible,  including some staff furloughs.  While we hope there will not be a need for additional furloughs, if there are, I will strive to assure that they are implemented equally across management and staff.

I would support increases in revenue with a longer-term view.  Policies that create more housing create a greater consumer base for local businesses.  Policies that support parks, open spaces, and urban greening raise property values.  I feel that my work will be to keep the larger vision of a vibrant El Cerrito in mind as we make decisions on outcomes that may take many years to realize but will result in long term stability.  


I support a diverse and vibrant El Cerrito through the creation of housing that meets the needs of people of all income levels and functional abilities. We can develop additional affordable housing stock with appropriate levels of density in amenity- and opportunity-rich areas.  Equitable and inclusive affordable housing must serve a range of income levels, provide service-enriched permanent supportive housing for those who need it, and be accessible to people of all abilities.  

I am in support of smart growth proposals that are both environmentally sound and equitable such as the two El Cerrito BART stations, which are tremendous opportunities and resources for the City. These developments provide:

  • transit-oriented development that includes a high percentage of affordable units, 

  • higher density infill development in communities with excellent schools and services,

  • open space preservation with accessibility for users of all abilities and incomes.

During my tenure as Planning Commissioner, I was able to recommend the San Pablo Ave Specific Plan to the City Council.  I believe it was tremendously successful in spurring development on San Pablo Avenue, increasing density, and creating more housing and commercial spaces.  I hope that in future updates of the plan, we further tie development to deeper affordability for housing.


I love El Cerrito and I support the quality of life for residents of ages and abilities. As City Councilmember, I will focus on:

  • Walkability and connectivity – although half of El Cerrito is walking distance to services and retail, about half the city is not, increasing vehicle use for local trips.  In order to make the city accessible for those without cars, we need to improve transit access to people in the hills so that we can reduce GHGs but also dependence on parking.  

  • Promoting local businesses.  The San Pablo Ave Specific Plan supports inclusive and transit-accessible housing but also promotes vibrant local businesses with welcoming open spaces that bring residents to the retail spaces. 

Lisa Motoyama for City Council 2020
FPPC #1432347

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